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    There is no more distinct a cultural offering than what you’ll discover in
    Japan with a range and diversity that are just so incredibly vast.
    It is part of the charm—the reason we, ourselves, are so in love with
    the strange objects we love to explore.
    To experience Japan in all its glory takes time: but how could we ask
    others to take weeks out to venture into this magical land in
    search of such a depth of experience as we wanted to share?
    Then, an idea struck…
    Why not bring the iconic culture and present it to you in the
    most beautifully simple way?
    Take everything we love about a land steeped in wonder — the fashion,
    the emblems, the collector's items — and make them available for
    everyone, for you all, to see.
    For Japan remains a mystery to many, but this needn’t be the case. F
    or we have the knowledge, the experience, to undo the mystique. While
    we also have the know-how to deliver these items throughout
    the world.
    We put in the effort to collect everything we believe you should see,
    feel, know, about a magical place. So, you can browse the
    offerings and take home anything you think would introduce some exoticism into your home. 
    As we have worldwide shipping, there’s no need
    for Japan to remain just another far-flung, undiscovered corner
    of the world. Why not discover wanderlust, and transport it to
    your wardrobe, to your tables, to decorate your walls — we know
    you’ll love it just as much as we do.